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Tori Spelling Whips an Escalade

Tori Spelling was seen on a McDonald’s drive-thru sporting an Escalade. This is how all soccer moms should roll!

Tori Spelling Cadillac Escalade2

Tori Spelling Cadillac Escalade

Quick Spotting – Swank-y Escalade

Hilary Swank was seen getting out of a black Escalade with coffee in hand.

Hilary Swank in Black Escalade

Dennis Quaid’s Injured Wife and Pimped Escalade

Dennis Quaid was seen escorting his injured wife outside an establishment in Beverly Hills in his manly black Escalade. No matter how often this car pops in the garages of celebrities, no one can still deny its strong and powerful look. We’d love to be injured too, only if Dennis Quaid will drive us around in an Escalade!

Dennis Quaid Pimped Cadillac Escalade

Celebrity Taxi Report: Ellen Pompeo Black Escalade

The Grey’s Anatomy star was seen doing some last-minute withdrawasl at a Bank of America ATM before heading off to the airport. Tiny figures always look sexy beside Escalades!

Ellen Pompeo off Bank of America's ATM

Ellen Pompeo gets into her black Cadillac Escalade

Britney Took Son Out in an Escalade

Britney Spears came back from her long Hawaiian vacation and took her son Jayden out with her Escalade as dirty as her reputation. The singing mama was seen parked outside Johnny Rockets in Calabasas with an all-denim “white trash screaming” ensemble.

Britney Took Son Out in an Escalade

Britney in an Escalade