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Dwight Howard Planking Between Two Rolls Royce’s

When you are professional NBA player who gets tons of attention I wouldn’t think you really want any more attention. Or maybe you really just want to show that you’re a regular Joe just like the thousands of hipsters out planking. Bu then again if you decide to plank between a Rolls Royce Ghost and a Rolls Drophead I don’t think you’re an average Joe!

Dwight Howard Planking on Rolls Royce

Dwight Howard: A Superman with a Supercar

Another Gurkha owner has surfaced! Orlando Magic’s 6 foot 11 inches tall center sure knows how to match his personality with the kind of car he drives. Dwight Howard is a proud owner of a Knight XV truck that will make any car enthusiast cry with envy. Like his tall leap, his Knight (Gurkha)  has 40-inch wheels and a state-of-the-art dash navigator system– almost like those of a plane! Dwight says that once he saw this majestic ride on DuPont Registry, he knew that he needed to have it and with the help of celebrity car broker Andre Hunter, he finally got the truck of his dreams. Because the NBA star loves to play video games with his pals, he ditched the back seats for a LCD screen and and Xbox. He says the car’s playful interior and bad-ass exterior is a perfect reflection of what he is as a person, and we’re more than happy to see a celebrity that knows his way around cars.