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For Sale: Dennis Rodman’s Hideous Hummer

Any takers? Nope? Didn’t think so. Unless you’re swimming in cash and a huge Rodman fan, we’re guessing this Hummer probably isn’t on most peoples must have list. Dennis Rodman’s custom painted 1996 H1 Hummer is listed on eBay with a buy it now price set at $55,500. See this full listing and more photos here.


Dennis Rodman Hummer Dennis Rodman H1 Hummer

Dennis Rodman’s Black and Gold Lamborghini Gallardo

We never were a fan of Rodman and this Lambo makes me hate him even more.

Dennis Rodman Lamborghini Gallardo

Dennis Rodman Survives Horrific Land Rover Crash

NBA star Dennis Rodman miraculously walked away unharmed from a car accident involving a Land Rover and another vehicle said to be a Range Rover in Fort Lauderdale. Witnesses say he was seen riding in the front seat of the Land Rover before the car tipped over three times. The person driving with Rodman also didn’t get any serious injuries. As seen in the photo, the car looks like a scrap yard masterpiece, and he better pray to his god that he gets to be a circus baller for another day.

Dennis Rodman Survives Land Rover Crash
Source: TMZ