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Would You Steal This Car???

I find it pretty hard to believe that Will-I-Am’s Delorean-like car was stolen out of valet.  How about you?  Would you steal this thing?

Will I Am Delorean

Will-I-Am Has About the Same Luck as DeLorean

Looks like Will-I-Am’s brainchild design of a vehicle was impounded. Apparently you need a VIN and license plates to drive your car on city streets. Who would have guessed?

Will I Am Car

Source: Jalopnik

The Perfect Shoes For Any Celebrity With a Delorean

I won’t lie that I’m flipping out about the Marty Mcfly Nikes on eBay right now!  I can’t believe what they are going for but can you imagine how sick it would be to hop out of a Delorean rocking these shoes.

Check them out at eBay!  And yes, some are selling for over $25,000!

Marty Mcfly shoes

Oh what… you don’t have a Delorean. eBay has you covered!
[phpbay]Delorean DMC, 3, “6001”, “”[/phpbay]