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Deadmau5 Takes Delivery of his new Tesla P85D

Deadmau5 is on a serious roll lately. First the BAC Mono, then the McLaren P1, and now this new Tesla P85D. Not to mention, the Porsche, Bentley, other McLaren (650s Spider), and Jeep that are all sitting in his garage as well. Deadmau5 had chargers installed into his garage the other day just in time for the delivery of the new Tesla.

Deadmau5 Tesla
Photo (Twitter)

Deadmau5’s New McLaren P1

Deadmau5 just took delivery of his new McLaren P1 and he shared a photo of it on Twitter with the caption, “Going for a drive! Brb!”. Deadmau5’s been waiting for this moment since last October when he shared this photo. Now he has something to distract him while he waits for his BAC Mono!

Deadmau5 McLaren
Photo (@deadmau5)

Deadmau5’s Picking Up a BAC Mono

Over the weekend we shared post on Jay Leno testing the BAC Mono on the streets of L.A. and now, we hear that Deadmau5 has his own Mono on the way. Deadmau5 shared a photo of the car sitting in Liverpool after it was tested and approved for delivery to Los Angeles. In the photo you can see that Deadmau5 already has his logo on the headrest too! Too bad he can’t sign up for Uber with this one like he did with the McLaren a while back.

Deadmau5 BAC Mono
Photo (@deadmau5)

Deadmau5’s Custom Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

Deadmau5 has a new ride in his garage and it’s definitely different than the Purarri. Deadmau5’s new Jeep Wrangler Rubicon SRT (aka the “mau5monster”) is more rugged than anything he’s owned in the past and judging from this photo, he’s taking full advantage of its off-roading capabilities.

Deadmau5 Jeep

Photo (@deadmau5)

Check out all the little custom details! What do you think of the Mau5monster?

Deadmau5 Jeep Wrangler

Photo (@divine1customs)


Deadmau5 Gets His Porsche Stuck In The Snow

Deadmau5 recently when he shared a photo of his newly wrapped Porsche stuck in the snow outside his home. Then he made us cringe when he shared a photo of his Porsche hooked up to a snowmobile with the caption “Bad idea #2”.

Deadmau5 Porsche

Deadmau5 Porsche 911

Photos (@deadmau5)