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David Hasselhoff Buying A New BMW M4!?

David Hasselhoff and his wife Hayley Roberts were recently spotted showing a lot of interest in a new BMW M4 convertible for sale at a local BMW dealership. We honestly couldn’t imagine the Hoff driving around in a bright blue BMW convertible, but it certainly would be a sweet ride for his wife!

David Hasselhoff Hayley Roberts BMW M4

Source (@bighead_the_creator)

Gumball 3000 – Who Showed up…

Well it looks like the Hoff decided to show up to Gumball but not on US soil. Originally, it was said that David Hasselhoff, Tony Hawk, and Meek Mill would all be participating on the Gumball 3000 this year.  Well for those of us that we’re at the starting line in Miami, it was rather celebrity-less besides Deadmau5.

While Hasselhoff did show up, no sign of Tony hawk who is currently at the X-Games and no sign of Meek Mill who is out doing his own thing!


David Hasselhoff’s New CLS

Caption this. The Hoff was spotted showing off his former “Baywatch body” next to the trunk of his new Mercedes Benz CLS recently.

David Hasselhoff Mercedes Benz

Source (The Superficial)

Video: David Hasselhoff With His Audi R8 In Gumball 3000

Thanks to one of our readers for snapping this video of David Hasselhoff rolling through Warsaw in his Audi R8 for Gumball 3000. Hasselhoff plays for the cameras around the 0.39 second mark and climbs onto the roof of his R8. I wouldn’t sit on the hood of my car let alone stand on the roof but hey, it’s the Hoff…

David Hasselhoff Audi R8

Big shout out to baltazar for taking the video and sending it to us!

David Hasselhoff Jumps Into His Mercedes

Ok, so he’s not really jumping. Actually he barely looks like he can move that fast in general these days but David Hasselhoff tried to show he still has it going on as he stepped into his black Mercedes-Benz CL recently.

David Hasselhoff Mercedes CL