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Don Benjamin and His Army Green Vette

Don Benjamin found fame on America’s Next Top Model and from there launched a career as an actor, musician and a model. It seems like all of his gigs have been paying off because he shared a picture on Instagram showing off his new matte green Corvette, customized by Road Star Motorsports. While this matte army green thing is nothing new, we don’t see too many celebrities driving corvettes and so between the car itself, and the paint job and customizations, Don has certainly created a unique ride for himself in Hollywood.

Don Benjamin Corvette

Source: Instagram

Oops! Kendall Jenner Gets a Ticket in Her Classic Corvette

The first time we spotted Kendall Jenner driving around in this 1957 Corvette, we weren’t completely positive it was really her car but we’ve spotted her in it again and this time she found a parking ticket on the windshield.

What do you think of Kendall’s latest car purchase?

Photo (Zimbio)

Is This Kendall Jenners ’57 Corvette?

nullAlthough she doesn’t pose as much as her younger sister, Kylie, Kendall Jenner does love her selfies and giving her 40+M followers something to talk about.

Whilst Kylie grabs at any opportunity to show off her rides, Kendall has weirdly not felt the need to share a pic of this gorgeous ’57 Corvette C1.

This begs the question whether it is actually hers, although according to TMZ, Kendall was driving the classic in Beverly Hills and it appears it was a 20th birthday gift she gave herself.

I hope it is hers – it would make a change for a Jenner or Kardashian to show some good taste.

Photo Source (autoevolution)

Seahawks’ Fred Jackson Crashes His Corvette while Drag Racing with Marshawn Lynch

On this episode of when drag racing goes wrong….

Seattle Seahawks running back Fred Jackson crashed his black Corvette outside the team facility in Renton on Tuesday after drag racing with teammate Marshawn Lynch who we thought would be driving his Lamborghini Aventador but according to witnesses, he was in a Dodge Charger instead. Hopefully it was a Hellcat.

Luckily, it sounds like Jackson wasn’t hurt. His Corvette on the other hand, may need a little TLC.

Fred Jackson Crashes Corvette


Paul Stanley Gives His Corvette Stingray a 9/10

Paul Stanley - Custom Corvette

Kiss’ Paul Stanley has a list longer than my arm when it comes to achievement, from driving a New York cab to his illustrious career as a singer-songwriter. Added to his other past times that include painting, being a best-selling author and starring in “Phantom of the Opera,” Paul Stanley can add car design to the list.

The Kiss star helped and worked alongside GM to create a custom Corvette Stingray for last years SEMA show in Las Vegas. Obviously the show has come and gone but he admits using the Stingray as his daily driver – if that isn’t Rock N Roll, I don’t know what is?

Stanley also rated the car 9/10 to Motor Trend and added, “I’ve yearned to be driving an American car without apology,” he says. “I like driving a car that says ‘Corvette’ on it. I like driving an American car because we’ve always had capabilities to turn out great cars, and for reasons that are lost to me, we chose not to. But as the competition became stiffer and as the car industry seemed to be folding, I guess the message was resounding, and lo and behold, here were some great cars.”

Stanley’s also owned this black on black Mercedes-Benz SL500 that he decided to part ways with back in 2011.

Photo (@PaulStanleyLive)