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Barrett-Jackson – One More Shot at Kobe Bryant’s Chevy Impala

About 4 months back we saw Kobe Bryant’s Chevrolet Impala for sale on eBay at a pretty high price point. Well it looks like it never sold at eBay and is now crossing the block at Barrett-Jackson with no reserve.

What do you think the car will go for?

Kobe Bryant Impala For Sale

Celebrity Cars Rolling Across Barrett-Jackson Starting Today

Barrett-Jackson will be kicking off it’s 2014 event starting today in Scottsdale Arizona. While we can expect the normal line-up of original high-dollar Mopars and muscle cars, Craig Jackson and the team at Barrett-Jackson have lined up quite the celebrity set of vehicles.

Lets start with Simon Cowell’s Bugatti Veyron. We’ve seen him a number of times in this vehicle and frankly speaking, I think he should be keeping this one. Unless he has a special variation Veyron on the way, I would hold on to this one. Perhaps we’ll see him bidding on his own car.
simon cowell bugatti veyron

In keeping up with the all black motif, I’m very excited to see the Gas Monkey Ferrari F40 go across the block. Dennis Collins is no stranger to putting cars up for auction but based on the TV publicity from the TV show Fast N Loud, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see this thing take off!
fast-n-loud ferrari F40

Gas Monkey Ferrari F40

Stay tuned for more celebrity car news from Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale!

The Batmobile Sells for $4.2 Million at Barrett Jackson

I just tuned into Barrett-Jackson for Sunday and apparently the George Barris original Batmobile went crazy yesterday selling for $4.2 million (not including commissions which brings the sale price up to $4.6 million).  As for the buyer, his name is Rick Champagne of Champagne Logistics.  It’s a good thing he’s in logistics because he will moving a lot of cash from his bank account over to Barrett Jackson’s bank account 😉

Rick Champagne Batmobile

Clark Gable’s Mercedes 300SL Gullwing Coupe

Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale is just around the corner and there are some amazing cars up for auction.  My favorite by far is the Mercedes 300SL Gullwing owned by Clark Gable (the actor).  Gable purchased it new at Mercedes-Benz of Hollywood. List price was $7,295. After Gable’s death in November 1960, ownership was passed to Harry Haeigen, cartoonist and Gable’s publicist. Title passed to Charles Wood, owner of Grand Stand Amusement Park in 1975. Since then it’s changed hands again and now it’s up for auction!

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it before but the 300SL is my ultimate dream car but I ideally want black with red… I’d settle for this if perhaps Craig Jackson decides to send it my way!
Clark Gable Gullwing Mercedes

Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Fires Up

What do you know, Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale snuck up on us which means serious car collectors all drop-in to Scottsdale, Arizona to see what’s hot on the auction blog.  I haven’t browsed through the auction listings but I know Bret Michael’s is selling off some rather “plain” cars unlike last year when he unloaded a 69 Camaro.

So here is the real kicker… his 2004 Bentley Continental sold for $128,700. That’s almost double what it’s worth. That is nuts!

Bret Michael's Bentley

And this is even more crazy… his 2004 Lincoln Navigator sold for $29,000.  ARE YOU SERIOUS?  He must have been throwing in a free weekend stay and 500 autographs!

[phpbay]2004 Bentley Continental, 3, “6001”, “”[/phpbay]