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Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Fires Up

What do you know, Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale snuck up on us which means serious car collectors all drop-in to Scottsdale, Arizona to see what’s hot on the auction blog.  I haven’t browsed through the auction listings but I know Bret Michael’s is selling off some rather “plain” cars unlike last year when he unloaded a 69 Camaro.

So here is the real kicker… his 2004 Bentley Continental sold for $128,700. That’s almost double what it’s worth. That is nuts!

Bret Michael's Bentley

And this is even more crazy… his 2004 Lincoln Navigator sold for $29,000.  ARE YOU SERIOUS?  He must have been throwing in a free weekend stay and 500 autographs!

[phpbay]2004 Bentley Continental, 3, “6001”, “”[/phpbay]

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