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Deadmau5’s Picking Up a BAC Mono

Over the weekend we shared post on Jay Leno testing the BAC Mono on the streets of L.A. and now, we hear that Deadmau5 has his own Mono on the way. Deadmau5 shared a photo of the car sitting in Liverpool after it was tested and approved for delivery to Los Angeles. In the photo you can see that Deadmau5 already has his logo on the headrest too! Too bad he can’t sign up for Uber with this one like he did with the McLaren a while back.

Deadmau5 BAC Mono
Photo (@deadmau5)

Jay Leno’s Garage: Jay Leno Driving The BAC Mono

On a recent episode of Jay Leno’s Garage, Jay Leno test drives a BAC Mono on the streets of Los Angeles. The Mono is the world’s only road-legal single-seater supercar produced by the Briggs Automotive Company, a British sports car manufacturing company based in Liverpool. Check out the video below to see what Jay thinks of the “F1 car for the road”.

Jay Leno BAC Mono
Photo Source (@jaylenosgarage)

Video Source: YouTube