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Danielle Mason’s Pink Audi TT

Model and actress Danielle Mason was surprised by her fiance Tony Giles with a brand new pink Audi TT this past weekend. We really don’t know anything about Danielle but from the looks of it we’ll say she’s just another Katie Price who seems to think everything’s better in pink.

Danielle Mason Audi TT

Danielle Mason Audi

Photo Source: Daily Mail

Kate Gosselin Gets A New Audi

In our opinion Kate Gosselin’s minute of fame came to an end a while ago but now that her show (that no one watches) has been canceled, Kate’s future is officially up in the air. In this recent photo, Kate was spotted getting out of a new Audi TT before heading for the gym. We’re guessing she dropped the cash for this car before she knew her show was going to be canceled….oops. No one’s getting pizza now.

Kate Gosselin Audi TT

Jessica Beil Does It All With Her Audi TT

Most celebrities these days have two or three cars. They run around LA burning un-needed gasoline and half the time they don’t even look good doing it. But Jessica Beil on the other hand does it right. Taking the dog out for a run… just load him up in the Audi TT sports car. Sure it only holds two people but do you really need an Escalade to run your dog to the park?

Jessica Biel Audi TT

Sienna Miller Goes Topless in Her Audi TT

Sienna Miller's Audi TT

No Shoes, No Pants, No Top??? Thats right, Sienna Miller goes topless around LA in her Audi TT and we will admit, its worth snapping the photo when you have the chance. As you can see here Sienna was out for a quick ice cream break while cruising around her 2008 Audi TT convertible that is all new this year from the brilliant designers over at Audi. And we must say the car speaks for itself especially when the driver is wearing nothing more then a long tank top with no shoes.