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Lindsay Lohan: Run In With A Cop…Again.

Can a girl catch a break? Lindsay Lohan was pulled over in her Audi A5 after her court date this week while apparently running through a stop sign in Los Angeles. No word on whether or not she actually got a ticket.

Lindsay Lohan Audi A5


Source: X17 Online

Lindsay Lohan Drives Her Mom In An Audi

Audi’s just giving cars away these days! We’ve seen more and more celebrities driving Audi’s and now even Lindsay Lohan’s driving one. She and her mom Dina were spotted driving through Beverly Hills the other day in an Audi A5. Wonder if this car is here to stay or not?

Lindsay Lohan Audi A5

Anne Hathaway Grabs Coffee In An Audi

Anne Hathaway was spotted leaving a coffee shop with her boyfriend Adam Shulman in his Audi A5 which originally made headlines for running into a bike riding hipster paparazzi a couple years ago.

Anne Hathaway Audi A5

Source: Just Jared

Cory Montieth Rocking An Audi A5

Glee star Cory Montieth was spotted loading the trunk of his Audi A5 with some rental music equipment for a friend’s party.

cory montieth-audi a5

Stephen Moyer: True Blood Cabriolet

Stephen Moyer took out his black Audi A5 Cabriolet on a park in L.A. where he watched his daughter play soccer. Looks like he’s all for class when dealing with his true blood.

Stephen Moyer: True Blood Cabriolet