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Reggie Bush Buys His Mom A Bentley

So your mom hits the big five-oh, what exactly do you buy her?

If you’re Reggie Bush, the only thing that will do is a $250K Bentley Flying Spur.

The big guy took to his Instagram and poured his heart out to her: “Happy late Birthday post to my beautiful Mother! Don’t know where I would be without you thank you for everything you stand for! The 50 club never looked better!”


Reggie Bush Bentley

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Video: Reggie Bush’s Lamborghini Aventador

TMZ spotted Reggie Bush leaving a gym in West Hollywood and getting into his black Lamborghini Aventador. Reggie’s lineup also includes everything from this Rolls Royce Ghost and his classic Plymouth Barracuda.

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Shout out to Alexander for the tip!

Reggie Bush: Dad Duty In His Rolls Royce

Reggie Bush and his girlfriend/baby mama made a pit stop at a Beverly Hills baby store in Reggie’s Rolls Royce recently.

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Reggie Bush Cruises In His Classic Plymouth

Reggie Bush was spotted cruising around Beverly Hills this past weekend in his classic Plymouth Barracuda. We have to wonder if Reggie secretly wishes he was cruising around in Kim’s Rolls Royce…

Reggie Bush Plymouth

Reggie Bush Plymouth Barracuda

Reggie Bush Decides To Dump His Escalade Too

Looks like it’s true. Either Reggie Bush needs some extra cash (possible, when you look at how horrible his team is doing) or he really is trying to get rid of anything that reminds him of Kim Kardashian. Reggie’s 2008 Cadillac Escalade is up for sale on eBay now too along with his Ferrari F430…the car was accessorized by Kim and Reggie together with the help of the guys at Platinum Motorsport of course.

Reggie Bush Cadillac Escalade









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