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Felix Hernandez’s Porsche Cayenne Is Fit For A King

Seattle Mariners pitcher Felix Hernandez best know as ‘King Felix’ has a brand new Porsche Cayenne. Felix sure doesn’t waste anytime on customizing his rides or the wheels on his rides. Just like his Range Rover, this Cayenne comes with a hidden message on the center cap reading “Built For a King”.

We’re not sure about the color accents but it’s still a sweet ride. What do you think?

Felix Hernandez Porsche Cayenne
Source: Park Place LTD Facebook

Mario Balotelli’s Ferrari 458

Outside of the US soccer players are the top celebrities and based on Mario Balotelli’s vehicle lineup including this Ferrari 458 we’d say that he’s at the top of his game and the top of the celebrity list.

Mario Balotelli Ferrari 458

Chad Ochocinco’s “General O.C.”

Originally Chad Ochocinco was driving around with a orange Dodge Challenger but now, Ochocinco’s switched things up and changed his Challenger to his own version of The General Lee with this Dodge Challenger named the “General O.C.”.

Which version do you like more?

Chad Ochocinco Dodge Challenger

Chad Ochocinco Dodge Challenger SRT 8

Source: Athlete Cars

Josh Childress’ Ferrari California

It may be the off-season for Josh Childress but that doesn’t mean he’s not stunting and thanks to twitter we got a little idea of what summer life is like for Josh… let’s just leave it at working out and Ferrari’s.

Josh Childress Ferrari

Cornerback Jimmy Smith Lays Back In His Range Rover HSE

Jimmy Smith is a young cornerback in the NFL and currently plays for the Baltimore Ravens and from what we know he’s got a good head on his shoulder which probably goes to show why his Range Rover HSE isn’t all that crazy like many other athletes we see.

Jimmy Smith Range Rover