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Leo Nunez’s Range Rover Sport

Check out these photo’s of Florida Marlins pitcher, Juan Oviedo’s (Leo Nunez) Range Rover Sport customized by the guys over at MC Customs. Would you rock this Rover?

Leo Nunez Range Rover

Leo Nunez Range Rover Sport

Leo Nunez Rover

Drew Storen’s Nissan GTR

Looks like Felix Hernandez isn’t the only one with a need for speed.  Washington Nationals pitcher Drew Storen also finds excitement in his blacked-out Nissan GTR.

Drew Storen Nissan GTR


Felix Hernandez Shows Off After No Hitter, Nissan GTR Included

Felix Hernandez is on fire right now in my very own home town of Seattle which makes for all the better photoshoot.  If you recall we showed off his Porsche Cayenne last month but we had no idea tha the had a Nissan GTR, Mercedes GL, and his Range Rover.  We can’t quite make out the other car so your guess is as good as ours.

Felix Hernandez Cars

felix hernandez nissan-gtr

Ben Crane’s 1971 Jeepster Is A Badass Beast

We like this guy’s style!! Professional golfer Ben Crane recently posted this photo of his 1971 fully restored Jeepster. Looks like the kids are loving it! Would you rock this Jeepster?

Ben Crane Jeepster

Shout out to Andrew for the tip!

Josh Childress’ Chevelle SS

We’ve seen Josh Childress in some pretty nice cars lately and we gather he’s a bit of an enthusiast. Thanks to Instagram we recently got a peek at a Chevelle SS of Childress’.

Josh Childress driving Chevelle SS

Josh Childress Chevelle SS