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Michael Phelps Round 3 – BMW 7 Series

I think this wraps up Micheal Phelps garage. To see his other rides check out the links below.

Michael Phelps BMW 7 Series

Michael Phelps Round 2 – Range Rover

Michael Phelps may look gangster in his Mercedes SL but if you really want to be the toughest guy on the block you also need a black SUV. Looks like Phelps has the tough guys, big baller look complete with his black Range Rover and another set of awful looking wheels.

Michael Phelps Range Rover
Source: NO LIMIT INC, Baltimore, MD

Michael Phelps Would Roll a Convertible

I’m not one for convertibles. I feel that they’re a little to flashy and I like a little more privacy. But when you want to show off there probably isn’t anything better than a murdered-out Black Mercedes Benz SL63, that is if you don’t care enough to get an Aston Martin or a Bentley GTC.

MIchael Phelps Mercedes Benz SL63
Source: Celebrity CarZ