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Floyd Mayweather Gifted Himself a New Rolls Royce

Floyd Mayweather has money on top of money on top of money and luckily for us he loves to spend a fair share of it on his cars. His latest purchase? A brand new black Rolls Royce Phantom. It’s certainly not his first Rolls and I’m sure it won’t be his last, but I love the recent updates they’ve done to the Phantom and I guess when you have that kind of money you can never have too many Rolls Royce’s, right?

Floyd Rolls

Source: Instagram

Mayweather’s New $3.5M Veyron

Not really much to say other than they don’t call this guy ‘Money Mayweather’ for nothing.

How do we know his Bugatti cost $3.5M? He listed the price on his Instagram snap.

Is this Veyron #4? We’re losing count. Check out the rest of Mayweather’s Bugatti’s and other rides here.

Floyd Mayweather Bugatti

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Floyd Mayweather’s New Bentley Mulsanne

Floyd Mayweather is no newb when it comes to sick whips and looks like the time has come do ditch his old Rolls Royce Phantoms and to cop a Bentley Mulsanne.

Floyd Mayweather Bentley Mulsanne

50 Cent Buys Floyd Mayweather Jr. A Rolls Royce For Birthday

Floyd Mayweather Jr. celebrated his 34th birthday with good friend 50 Cent in Las Vegas last night with a little cake, a little gambling, lots of drinking…oh and a Rolls Royce. Deciding what to get the friend that has it all is tough but I guess it’s not too tough when you’re 50 Cent and you have it all too! 50 surprised Floyd with a brand new 2012 Rolls Royce Phantom waiting outside. Floyd also received a diamond studded Breitling watch worth over $1 million from his fiance but that’s besides the point right?

50 Cent Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather Rolls Royce Phantom

Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s Ferrari F430

I’ve seen Flloyd Mayweather-ed out F430 before but I didn’t realize he was rolling Red on Red. I like that.

Floyd Mayweather Jr's Ferrari F430