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Did Alex Rodriguez Pick Up A Ferrari?

This photo was recently taken outside Alex Rodriguez’s home in Florida and it’s hard to tell if he’s walking up to the Ferrari with a set of keys or if someone’s already in the car. What do you think? Did A-Rod pick up a Ferrari 575 Maranello?

Rumor is that he already has a new blonde in his life so why not pick up a Ferrari while he’s at it…

Alex Rodriguez Ferrari

A-Rod Recovers Comfortably In His Maybach

Alex Rodriguez seems to be recovering well from his recent knee surgery. Hopefully he’s of his painkillers because he was recently spotted getting out of his black Maybach 57 S. Maybe he’s just ignoring that rule about not operating heavy machinery (or Maybach’s) while on pain meds…

Alex Rodriguez Maybach 57 S

Cameron Diaz Buffs Up With Her Mercedes

A very buff looking Cameron Diaz was spotted heading towards her Mercedes E350 after leaving another workout session with her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez who rode shotgun.

Cameron Diaz Mercedes E350

Alex Rodriguez Mercedes E350

Source: Just Jared

A-Rod And Cameron Get Classy In A Maybach

Alex Rodriguez and his girlfriend Cameron Diaz have been receiving an awful lot of media attention lately. With all the traveling they’ve been doing lately, we’ve really only spotted them catching cabs so this definitely makes up for their boring transportation choices in the last few weeks!

Just a couple days ago they were both spotted leaving an early morning workout session in Alex’s Maybach. Not too shabby A-Rod. Cameron Diaz Alex Rodriguez Maybach