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Adrian Grenier Needs to Give Up the Prius Already

This is a plea… Adrian, give up the Prius! No body, well at least no Entourage fan wants to see you whipping a Prius as the daily driver! I think its time you get a new car.

Entourage Fan Boy

PS – but not for long if you continue to drive a car that screams I like to smell my own farts!!!

Adrian Grenier's Toyota Prius

Vince Had to Jump Start his Prius

I didn’t even know that you could jumpstart a Toyota Prius but here you see Vince from HBO’s Entourage having to get a jumpstart from the Honda Element in order to get his Prius going.

Adrian Grenier's Toyota Prius

And yes, it is the Prius that the two are attempting to get started. No word if the car managed to get going.

Bad Prius!!!