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John Mayer’s New EarthRoamer

John Mayer is the proud new owner of an EarthRoamer. Yes, you read that correct, an EarthRoamer. What the heck is an EarthRoamer you ask? An EarthRoamer is a four wheel drive, go anywhere motor-home, “Xpedition Vehicle” designed, engineered and constructed out of Colorado. Otherwise known as a badass Ford truck with a camper, and a huge price tag.

There are a couple pre-owned vehicles listed on their site but Mayer’s was a custom build that started a year ago. Considering the pre-owned XV’s are running around $350,000 we’re guessing Mayer’s probably set him back a good $500,000 plus.


John Mayer EarthRoamer

Photo (@johnmayer)

Source (Jalopnik)

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