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Birdman Buys Lil’ Wayne A New Bentley Mulsanne

If you follow Birdman at all, you know he’s all about his cars and his money. This time around Birdman’s dropped some serious cash on not one, but two brand new Bentley Mulsanne’s. One for himself and for Lil’ Wayne to go along with Wayne’s black Veyron.

While he was at it, he also gifted Young Money Records’ President Mack Maine a new Rolls-Royce. It was pretty obvious Mack Maine was overcome by Birdman‘s generosity, “I think I deserve to be excited. I used to drive a Cavalier when I was 15. Who’d have ever imagined?”

Check out the video below. Hopefully Mack Maine’s figured out how to work his new key by now…

Shout out to RUFke for the tip!

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