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Young Millionaires Need Style #justsayin

Lets say you just sold your tech company for a nice chunk of change (what I really mean is for life changing money), what would you buy?

Cars that come to my mind are a Ferarri 599 GTO, Aston Martin DBS, Porsche GT3RS, or maybe something more subtle like a Mercedes G-Wagon, E63 or a new BMW 5-Series!

So riddle me this, why is Aaron Patzer who sold Mint.com for $170 million driving a Subaru Outback not to mention that prior to this he was driving a 1996 Ford Contour.

How about Dustin Moskovitz who was a co-founder of Facebook.  I get he’s driving a car he loves, the VW Golf R32 but any V-dubberwould love to have an Audi R8, am I wrong?

So for the record when I make $20 million plus, I’ll be buying a Ferrari 599 GTO!

Ferrari 599 GTO

Special thanks to Nate from Highlighter for calling my attention to the original story here.

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