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Yo Gotti’s New Rolls Royce Phantom has its own Parking Spot

Yo Gotti has some pretty sweet rides but his new Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe tops them all.

Yo Gotti Rolls Royce Yo Gotti Rolls Royce Phantom

Photos (@yogottikom)

Yo Gotti’s TBT (Lambo and Porsche Panamera)

I’m by no means a fan of Yo Gotti and I can’t name a single song of his but I’m guessing he’s doing something right. Here is a quick little TBT he shared this past week and a nice little shot of what he’s driving now!

Yo Gotti TBT

Yo Gotti Aventador

Source: Instagram

Yo Gotti Sporting a McLaren MP4-12C For His Latest Music Video

Over the weekend I couldnt help but notice that Yo Gotti was sporting a new McLaren MP4-12C and appears to be using it in the filming of his next music video. In classic form, Yo Gotti’s car is white just like his other cars that you can see here.

yo gotti mclaren mp4-12C

yo gotti filming music video

Source: Instagram