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Matt Damon Hops Out in a Tesla

Matt Damon’s usually running around in big SUV’s like his Cadillac Escalade ESV or his Toyota Sequoia but it looks like he’s driving around in a Tesla now too. Damon was spotted dropping his step daughter off in his new Tesla Model S over the weekend.

Photo (Zimbio)

Lionel Richie’s Tesla Model S

Now this is one good looking Tesla. Lionel Richie is standing in front of what we’re pretty sure is his Tesla Model S. His son-in-law, Joel Madden shared the photo on his Instagram page recently with the title “The Boss”.  If it’s not Lionel’s whip, then it’s Joel’s. Anyone spotted either of them in it before?

Lionel Richie Tesla
Photo (@joelmadden)

Kate Hudson Hops Into Her New Tesla

Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy were spotted getting into their new white Tesla Model S in Hollywood over the weekend. It was about time they upgraded from their Toyota Prius and the Tesla Model S is the perfect upgrade!

Source (Zimbio)

Mark Hoppus Cares About The World More Than You Do

Blink-182’s, Mark Hoppus cares about the world so much that he went out and bought himself a new Tesla Model S recently. He and his family have been living in London since 2011 but just relocated back to Los Angeles so I guess he needs that daily driver now! The Model S is probably one of the best daily drivers out there if you ask me.

Mark Hoppus Tesla

Shout out to Dani for the tip!

Brad Pitt Joins The Model S Club

Brad Pitt was spotted getting into his black Tesla Model S in Los Angeles this past weekend. It’s about time we see Brad with the Model S. It seems like the perfect car for him (minus the fact he has six kids to haul around).

Source (Zimbio)
Shout out to Steven and Anders for the tips