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Soulja Boy’s New Bentley Mulsanne

Soulja Boy posted a couple photos of his new Bentley Mulsanne last week. One photo shows the Mulsanne posted up next to his red Continental GT that he wrecked in Hollywood earlier this year. Which one would you take if you had the chance?

Soulja Boy Bentley Mulsanne

Soulja Boy Bentley

Soulja Boy Bentley

Shout out to Caio for the tip!

Soulja Boy’s Renting an Audi R8?

Soulja Boy posted this photo of himself and a brand new Audi R8. Must be nice to have an Audi R8 to fall back on. Busted up Bentley and all – still look like he’s rolling tough.

Soulja Boy Audi R8

UPDATE: Josh just hit us up and believes the Audi R8 is a rental from Roadstarr Motorsports. We’re with him on this one. Either way he’s driving an R8 and we’re not ;(

Soulja Boy Crashes His Bentley In Hollywood

Over the weekend, Soulja Boy was driving around Hollywood in his red Bentley Continental GT when he crashed into another car. He even tried to pull a Lindsay Lohan and say he wasn’t actually driving when the crash happened. Either way, his Bentley’s going to need a little TLC and so’s his ego…

Soulja Boy Bentley Continental

Back when Soulja Boy first picked up his Bentley.

Soulja Boy Bentley

Thanks to GRANT for the tip

Soulja Boy Drops Serious Cash On Private Jet

Soulja Boy

Is this kid trying to file for bankruptcy? Soulja Boy recently dropped $35 millon on a new G5 jet and that’s just the beginning of it. Soulja Boy has also said he is going to completely redo the interior by spending another $20 million to give the jet all new custom leather Italian seats, tile flooring, multiple liquor bars and flat screen T.V.’s through out. It’s rough being 21…


G5 Jet

Soulja Boy Grows Up – What Says Adult Like a Lambo

Apparently Soulja Boy is getting older and apparently with age comes a Lambo outfitted by Platinum Motorsport!

Soulja Boy's Lambo Outfitted