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Did Ron Artest Really Buy A Lamborghini?

This is a big step up from his pimped out Hyundai! Ron Artest was spotted leaving lunch with his girlfriend and getting into this white Lamborghini Murcielago LP 670-4 SV recently.

Ron Artest Lamborghini

Ron Artest

Ron Artest Lambo


Ron Artest Valets His Customized “Lakers” Hyundai

A few months back, Ron Artest and George Lopez were discussing cars on the George Lopez Show. George said he would buy Ron a Rolls Royce Phantom but Ron said all he needed was a “Hyundai” (really?). Careful what you wish for because George stuck to his word and ended up giving Ron a Platinum Motorsport customized “Laker” Hyundai Genisis.

Recently, Ron was spotted getting back into his Hyundai after eating dinner with friends. Normally it would be difficult to identify a car from this photo but because of the purple and yellow interior door card it’s pretty hard to miss this one. With a contract for around $33 million he better at least have a really really nice garage…

Ron Artest Hyundai Genisis

George presenting Ron with his new car a few months back.

Ron Artest Hyundai Genesis

Ron Artest Hyundai Genesis