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Rachel Bilson Might Drive A Prius But…

She’s hot. So it’s OK.

Rachel Bilson Toyota Prius

Michelle Rodriguez Loads Up A Prius

You would think Michelle Rodriguez would have a car that’s a little more fast and furious than a sleepy Toyota Prius but think again. Michelle was spotted loading up her Prius in Los Angeles recently and we have to say we’re pretty unimpressed. Don’t you agree?

Michelle Rodriguez Toyota Prius

Michelle Rodriguez Toyota Prius

Last Weeks Guess Who – Dustin Hoffman

Last weeks Guess Who was Dustin Hoffman getting into his black Prius. While rockin’ his New Balance’s of course.

Dustin Hoffman Toyota Prius

Dustin Hoffman Toyota Prius


Source: X17 Online

Forest Whitaker’s Customized Toyota Prius

Forest Whitaker, along with many other celebrities like to keep things green with the Toyota Prius but from the looks of this picture Forest also like to customize his rides.

It’s no secret that we aren’t big fans of the Prius or blacked out taillights for that matter but we can’t really complain about this one since Forest at least put int he effort to make it custom in some way!

Forest Whitaker Toyota Prius

Nicole Scherzinger Gets A Pick Up In A Prius

Just recently, Nicole Scherzinger jumped into a Prius after landing at LAX. We’re not saying we hope Nicole buys a Prius for herself but she’s so hot she really can pull anything off.

Nicole Scherzinger Toyota Prius