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Ben Baller’s Garage

When I snagged this photo I really thought we’d featured Ben Baller on the site before but after looking back we really haven’t despite the fact that Ben Baller has pretty much rolled every ride you would want to put in your garage, aside from his lame ass Prius (I always hate on Prius).

Ben Baller's Garage

Eliza Doolittle’s Prius Problems

Eliza Doolittle might be talented when it comes to her music but when it comes to driving it looks like she’s a real train wreck. Eliza was recently stopped by a gas station to fill up the rear tire of her Toyota Prius. From the looks of it, Eliza’s Prius has been in its fair share of fender benders.

Eliza Doolittle Toyota Prius

Eliza Doolittle Toyota

Bradley Cooper: Casual Afternoon In The Prius

Bradley Cooper valeted his Toyota Prius in Los Angeles over the weekend before grabbing some lunch with friends. It really hurts to see this guy in a Prius but at least we know he has a G-Wagon too to even it out.

Bradley Cooper Toyota Prius

Last Weeks Guess Who – Kirsten Dunst

Last weeks Guess Who was Kirsten Dunst getting into her boring black Toyota Prius.

Kirsten Dunst Prius



Adrian Grenier: Prius Pack Rat

Who knew Entourage star Adrian Grenier would one, have a Prius and two, have such a messy Prius. It looks like he could have a garage sale out of the back of this thing! Like we’ve said before…it’s time to move on from the Prius Adrian. Entourage fans really don’t want to see you in this thing!

Adrian Grenier Toyota Prius