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Demi Moore Does the Prius Good

I don’t know what it is about Demi Moore but she’s the right type of girl for the Prius. We all know she is hot and what she’s been in and she doesn’t try too hard. Too many celebs go for the Prius and you can see right through them, it’s all a look. But Demi… it’s just natural.

Demi Moore's Prius

Giovanni Ribisi Deserves Better Than A Prius

I would have thought that Giovanni Ribisi would have more style than the Toyota Prius. But I must say the newest generation Toytoa Prius has some character as opposed to the first generations… purely in the automotive styling sense.

Giovanni Ribisi's Toyota Prius

Name This Tree-Hugging Celebrity

Lets start off by stating that there are tons of great cars in the hybrid market these days and many which look for more attractive that the Prius.  With that said I urge all you celebs to get off the Prius bus and get some cooler hybrid rides.

Anyways, who is this hot-legged celeb hoping out of the Prius.
Oh yah, I’m not sure if she’s really a treehugger, I just don’t like the Toyota Prius.Name This Tree-Hugging Celebrity

Sophie Monk Might Be In The Market For A New Car

I’m going out on a limb here but I think Sophie Monk might be in the market for a new car!

Sophie Monk's Toyota Prius
Source: X17

Adrian Grenier Needs to Give Up the Prius Already

This is a plea… Adrian, give up the Prius! No body, well at least no Entourage fan wants to see you whipping a Prius as the daily driver! I think its time you get a new car.

Entourage Fan Boy

PS – but not for long if you continue to drive a car that screams I like to smell my own farts!!!

Adrian Grenier's Toyota Prius