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Ellen Degeneres’ Throwback

I know Ellen is a Porsche girl but I honestly didn’t know she has been driving them since the 90’s!  Here is a throwback image of Ellen in a Porsche 993.

Ellen Degeneres Porsche 993

Steven Tyler Feels The Love In His Porsche

Steven Tyler’s a ladies man so it’s no surprise he was spotted loading his Porsche Turbo full of flowers for Valentines Day. Good thing his Turbo is a cabriolet because those are some tall flowers.

Steven Tyler Porsche











Steven Tyler Porsche Turbo


Ellen’s Porsche Turbo Needs A Little TLC

Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi hit the streets of Beverly Hills over the weekend in Ellen’s Porsche Turbo with a busted up front lip.

Ellen Degeneres Porsche Turbo

Bucky Laseks Sick Daily Driver – Porsche Turbo

Pro skateboarder Bucky Lasek definitely pushes the limits when he’s out on the half pipes and the same goes when he’s behind the wheel of his 2001 996 Porsche Turbo.

Bucky Lasek Porsche

Take a look at the video below for an inside look at Bucky’s Porsche.

Source: Fatlace.com

Mr. Arab Is Already Dumping Beckham’s Old Porsche??

Looks like Adam Sabbagh can’t really handle this “low fast car”. So if you missed your chance at Beckham’s Porsche Turbo last time it looks like you can have another shot.

Adam Sabbagh David Beckham Porsche Turbo

Sabbagh picked up Beckham’s customized Porsche Turbo only 2 months ago but as of today the car is already up for sale again on eBay. There has to be some sort of story behind this one…if only we knew! Check out the eBay listing here.

David Beckham Adam Sabbagh Porsche Turbo