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Paris’ Pink Bentley is Back

This latest photo of Paris with her pink Bentley Continental GT was taken while filming her new reality show. It still looks like Barbie’s car, and maybe that’s the look she’s going for.

Paris' Pink Bentley is Back

Paris' Pink Bentley is Back

Paris Hilton’s BF Runs Over A Pap In His Bentley

Cy Waits, Paris Hilton’s role-model boyfriend was cited a hit-and-run on September 29 for running over a female photographer with his Bentley. The disgruntled photog stood in front of the car when Cy pulled over, resulting to her leg being caught under the wheel. Even if it feels so good to blame the douchebag, it’s partly the photographer’s fault for standing so close to a moving car.

Paris Hilton’s BF Runs Over A Pap In His Bentley

Paris Hilton in a Bentley

Paris Hilton Is As Brave as Her GMC Yukon

The heiress who was recently threatened by a crazy fan in her house was already seen out shopping with her GMC Yukon, as if no form of physical threat has happened to her. You can’t blame the crazy fans with that sundress and heavily exposed cleavage, it’s like she’s taunting potential harassers herself!

Paris Hilton Is As Brave as Her GMC Yukon

Paris Hilton Getting Inside her GMC Yukon

Source: X17 Online

Paris Gets a New Hybrid, Escalade Hybrid That Is

It’s about time someone gets the picture that to be a tree-hugging hippie you no longer have to get a hybrid, just get a Escalade! Apparently Paris is going all in on the hippie look to support her Escalade Hybrid.

Paris Gets Hybrid Escalade

If you had to drive a hybrid, what would it be?

And who is next to get a hybrid Escalade? My guess is Rob Dyrdek.

You Know Who Gets a Parking Ticket

Looks like lucky little princess Paris was spared no love from this parking-nazi. I can’t imagine that Paris Hilton hasn’t had a few of these but lets talk about the car. Why is she still driving this thing? Does she actually like it?

Do you like it?

BTW – I can’t believe it’s been a year since we blogged about Paris, man are we slackin!