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Paris Hilton Buys a New McLaren 650S Spider

It’s been a while since Paris Hilton added a new ride to her collection but this new addition definitely makes up for that. Paris was spotted cruising around Beverly Hills in her new black McLaren 650S Spider yesterday with heels, a dress, and her tiny dog — only in Beverly Hills. Hopefully she keeps this McLaren in one piece!

If you saw Paris Hilton driving around the streets in this McLaren what would you say to her?

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Paris Hilton Still Owns Her Pink Bentley

The Lexus LFA might be her favorite car to drive, but that doesn’t mean Paris is getting rid of her pink Bentley anytime soon. Paris was spotted driving her pink Bentley in Beverly Hills recently (all while wearing a pink outfit to match) . It’s been a while since she’s been out with her Bentley but then again, when you have as many cars as Paris has, it’s not surprising. I mean she has to make time for her Ferrari, her Lexus, her OTHER Bentley and everything else too.

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Only Paris Hilton Would Match Her Outfit To Her LFA

It wasn’t even by mistake. Paris actually shared a paparazzi photo on her Instagram account with the caption “matched my outfit with my car today”. SMH…

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Paris Hilton With Birdman’s Maybach #killingit

Paris Hilton and Birdman? Seems like a strange collaboration to me but apparently Paris signed with the Cash Money Records family sometime last year. We’ll see how long this will last. Now they’re everywhere together and Paris is posing in Birdman’s Maybach Landaulet.

Paris Hilton Maybach

Paris Hilton Birdman Maybach
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Can You Guess Paris’ Favorite Car to Drive?

The team at TMZ was recently chasing Paris Hilton and decided to harass her about her cars. Can you guess what here favorite car is?

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Paris Hilton Ferrari
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