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Hilary Duff Adds Another G-Wagon To Her Collection

Hilary Duff's been a G-Wagon fan for a while now. Her husband Mike Comrie was spotted with a black G-Wagon a few years back and since then the couple's also had their silver G55. Hilary was most recently spotted with a new black Mercedes G63. Once a G-Wagon owner, always a G-Wagon owner.

Source (Zimbio)

50 Cent’s Tokyo Drift Impression

50 Cent is a guy who we honestly don't see enough of here at Celebrity Cars Blog. And if this is what he's up to in his spare time, we want to see a lot more!

Kim Kardashian Shows Off The Assets

Kim seems to be on a post-pregnancy kick and this time she's showing off her backside in a recent instagram photo. But Kim's backside isn't the only asset she is showing off.  You can clearly see her G63, Kanye's Aventador, and what appears to be a Mercedes SL65 and perhaps a Mercedes ML.

Does anyone know who owns the SL65?

Kim Posing in the driveway

Cara Santana Runs Around In Her G-Wagon

Actress, Cara Santana was spotted running around Los Angeles in her Mercedes-Benz G55 earlier this week.


(Photos: Zimbio)

Joe Haden’s New Mercedes S550

Cleveland Browns cornerback, Joe Haden continues to add to his crazy car collection with this new 2014 Mercedes-Benz S550.

Joe Haden Mercedes Benz S Class

(Photo: @joehaden23)

Shout out to Andrew for the tip!

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