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Bye Bye Benz: Nyjah Huston Sells His Mercedes

Nyjah Huston took to Instagram recently to let his fans know that he sold his Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 -- the first car he ever bought.  Parting ways with his first car probably hurt a little but I'm sure he wont miss it for long because from the sounds of it, Nyjah will be replacing it with something soon. Until then, his new Audi R8 and his Chevy Tahoe will have to do...

Any bets on what he'll buy next?

Nyjah Huston Mercedes

Source (@nyjah_huston)

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Ariel Winter Buys Herself a New Mercedes…In Full

Sixteen year old, Ariel Winter, who plays Alex Dunphy on ABC's Modern Family, bought herself a brand new Mercedes-Benz C-Class recently and she paid in full. Not many kids out there can walk up to a dealership and throw down that kind of money (their own money) at the age of sixteen but when you're Ariel Winter and you've been working on a hit TV show since you were ten or eleven years old it's no big deal. With the amount of cash Ariel has stacked away I'm guessing she could have bought just about any car she wanted but according to Ariel, she wanted something nice but also something responsible and safe. Definitely not a bad first car!

Ariel Winter Mercedes Benz

Photo (@arielwinter)

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Spotted: Hilary Duff Driving a C-Class

What's Hilary Duff doing driving herself around in a Mercedes-Benz C-Class? When you own a couple G-Wagons, a new Porsche Carrera S and a Porsche Panamera (just to name a few), a C-Class doesn't really seem like a car she'd buy. Maybe her G-Wagon's in the shop...

Source (Zimbio)

Kourtney Drives Around In Disick’s “Useless” SLS

So the Daily Mail is reporting that Kourtney Kardashian has a "shiny new $250,000 Mercedes SLS". Unfortunately, this isn't true because it's Scott's SLS. The same SLS that he shared a photo of on Instagram recently and is also suing Mercedes Benz over because it's "virtually useless".  Although, Kourtney seems to be getting some good use out of it here...

Source (Daily Mail)

David Hasselhoff’s New CLS

Caption this. The Hoff was spotted showing off his former "Baywatch body" next to the trunk of his new Mercedes Benz CLS recently.

David Hasselhoff Mercedes Benz

Source (The Superficial)

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