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Ryan Sheckler Rolls a Mercedes Benz CL Now!

Owner: Ryan Sheckler
Vehicle: Mercedes Benz CL

I would have never guessed that after Ryan unloaded his custom Range Rover that he would hop out in a black on black Mercedes Benz CL ringing in at over $100K. No word on what wheels Ryan is rolling but I must say it looked damn good. Sorry for the bad pictures, there just isn’t any out there yet. If you have more photos, please let us know.


Ryan Scheckler's Mercedes CL

Jim Carrey needs a Mercedes Upgrade

So it’s true that not all Hollywood stars get new cars every year as Jim Carrey was spotted hopping out of on old school Mercedes S-Class. Jim, just cause you have a hot girl friend doesn’t mean you can let the whip slip… step it up!

Jim Carrey's Old School Mercedes S-Class

Sloppy Lindsay Lohan’s Sloppy Mercedes SL 65 on eBay

What a story, the local rebuild shop buys this car from an auction, fixes it up and gets ready to slap it on the dirt car-lot only to find out there has been more tramps in this car then there is down at the local Spearmint Rhino.

Lindsay Lohan's Wrecked Mercedes SL65

Yep that’s right, this cocaine sleigh was owned by Lindsay Lohan prior to hitting the rebuild shop due to some front end damage served as a result of curb-surfing on Sunset Blvd. while allegedly riding high on the cocaine and sipping the brown bottle.

Lindsay Lohan's Mercedes SL65 on eBay

Yep, you can own this car… just hop on over to eBay.

Britney Spears likes her CLK

Why the hell did Britney get another Mercedes CLK, and in white??? Britney, I don’t know what your banker is telling you, but you can afford more than a Mercedes CLK. Did you happen to notice the Mercedes CL, or have you heard of a Bentley Continental GT which comes in convertible, too?

Britney Spears' Mercedes-Benz CLK

Get rid of the new white Mercedes CLK!

britney's new car

Three 6 Mafia Video Shoot

So you may not know who Three 6 Mafia is like me and or you may not care a whole lot but at least they pulled together some nice cars for their latest video.

Three 6 Mafia

Three 6 Mafia