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Ashley Tisdale Joins The G-Wagon Mafia

Every young Hollywood start has to have one. I mean they drive through the canyons to and from meetings with their agents and the valet at every possible chance. Why wouldn’t Ashley Tisdale need a Mercedes G-Wagon.

Ashley Tisdale's The G-Wagon Mafia

Hilary Duff Rolling G-Wagon

I don’t know what it is about the G-Wagon but the celebrities and especially the young gals flock to the Mercedes G-Wagon. Check out Hilary Duff climbing up in her urban G-Wagon.

Hilary Duff in a Mercedes G-Wagon

The King of Douche Christian Audigier – Mercedes SLR

Like others I’m not a fan of Christian Audigier or of Ed Hardy and the more I see and hear of this guy the more I dislike him and standing on the seat of a Mercedes SLR convertible reinforces this!

The King of Douche Christian Audigier – Mercedes SLR

Audrina Patridge Gets a New Mercedes G Wagon

When you’re a celebrity looking to be seen hide out from the paparazzi in LA there is no better way than a new white Mercedes G Wagon.

Check out Audrina Patridge in her brand new Mercedes G Wagon.
Audrina Patridge Mercedes G Wagon

When Celebrities Blog… Pharrell Williams & His SLR Roadster

I always think it’s funny when celebrities blog and Pharrell William’s first post of a new blog is no exception. At least he is dope enough to have a funny picture that matches his style!

Pharrell Williams Mercedes Benz SLR Roadster