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Joe Rogan and Matt Farah Chat About Porsches

Joe Rogan – Get it down to the raw dog…

Monterey Car Week Has Started, and the Celebs are Here!

Monterey Car Week (basically the “Super Bowl” of car events) kicked off this week and will likely pull in celebrities ranging from Jay Leno to Patrick Dempsey. Not only is this week one of the greatest car weeks where car loving celebs will come from all over, it’s also host of great parties which is a large pull for anyone loving the luxury lifestyle.

Last night, Jaguar Land Rover held a party to unveil a reproduction e-Type along with the official launch of their new performance line the SVR. In attendance was a host of celebrities including Adam Carolla, Josh Altman Altman and team, and of course one of our favorite D/E list celebs Matt Farah.  And no, Heather’s dress was not coordinated with the Land Rover Sport SVR in the background.

Josh Altman with Matt Farah at the Land Rover SVR Event

From left to right: Matt Farah, Heather Bilyeu, Josh Altman, Matthew Altman

And this one is great for anyone that watch “The Car Show” which aired a few years back.

The Car Show Reunion

From left to right: Dan Neil formerly of the WSJ, Matt Farah, and Adam Carolla

Photo Source: Matt Farah’s Instagram

Hell Has Frozen Over – Matt Farah Buys a Volt

Yes that’s right, creator of Tuned on /Drive has leased himself of Chevrolet Volt. I can only assume this means he’s added another car to his Los Angeles based automotive arsenal but who knows, perhaps he’s retired his Corvette or Ford Raptor but I personally doubt that. In a comment on Instagram, I couldn’t help but laugh when I read a comment from Matt that said, ‘Yeah, if I had enough money I’d be rocking a model S.” Now Matt, I don’t think I need to break this down but you can probably afford a Tesla Model S.

Ford Raptor = $40K
Your Vette = $10-$20K (I don’t know much about your Vette but I have to imagine it’s worth at least 10K)
BMW X5 M = $55K-$60K
Aston Martin = $20K+ (Again, I don’t know much about it but I would assume there is someone willing to pay something for it )

matt farah chevrolet volt

A Sneak Peak of AE Performance’s Storage Facility With a Few of Paul Walker’s Cars

Matt Farah uploaded a nice storage/garage walk-thru last night of the AE Performance storage facility.  He didn’t identify who owns what in the garage but he did say (in the Youtube description) that most of these cars belong to Paul Walker and Roger Rotus.  If you pay attention you should be able to identify what cars are Paul Walker’s… (Skylines, Silvia, M Cars…)

See more at The Smoking Tire

The First Celebrity Car Built by Hennessey Performance

John Hennessey was recently on The Smoking Tire podcast so I thought I would call in and ask who the first celebrity was that Hennessey built a car for. (Click here to listen to the full podcast)   Turns out it was none other than Jay Leno who had a Viper. I’m not sure exactly which Viper it was that Jay sent to Hennessey but I’m guessing it might have been this 1996 Viper GTS.

Also there is a great video after the jump of Leno Touring the Viper build factory while his car was being built and aside from a little less grey hair he looks about the same, t-shirt and all!

Jay Leno Viper GTS

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