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Ludacris Cruises on his Custom Kawasaki ZX-14

Ludacris took his custom Roaring Toyz Kawasaki ZX-14 out for a spin recently and shared a photo of it on Instagram. Luda featured the bike in his music video, Representin' featuring Kelly Rowland -- check it out below.

Ludacris Motorcycle
Photo Source (@ludacris)
Ludacris Motorcycle
Photo Source (Roaring Toyz)

Video Source (YouTube)

Ludacris Adds a McLaren To His Collection

Ludacris' car collection is pretty diverse, and by diverse I mean he has everything from a brand-new Bentley GTC to a 1993 Acura Legend, but over this past weekend he stepped his game up even more with a McLaren MP4-12c.

Ludacris McLaren MP4 12C Ludacris McLaren

(Photos: Instagram)

Ludacris Out Stretching The Legs of His Ford GT

For our loyal readers it will be no surprise but I think it's worth stating again, Ludacris is a serious car guy and has a number of sick rides.  My favorite of them all is his Ford GT which he took out for a bit this past weekend. The Ford GT is one of the rare supercars of the last 10 years which will continue to grow in value. If I was a buying a supercar, I'd scoop one of these up before they hit $500K in the next few years.

Make sure to check out the video below too.

ludacris Ford Gt

Ludacris’ Night Out In The Bentley

Looks like Ludacris cleans up well and so does his Bentley Continental GTC. Luda posted this photo from the welcome dinner for his #LudaDayWeekend2013 in Atlanta this weekend.

Ludacris Bentley

(photo: Facebook)

Shout outs to Avinash and Timothy for the tips!

Ludacris Shows Off His Bentley

Back in January, Ludacris picked up a new Bentley Continental GT. Over the weekend, Ludacris Instagramed a photo of the beautiful blue Bentley convertible in front of his private jet. The Bentley looks a little better than his 1993 Acura Legend in front of the jet!

Ludacris Bentley Continental

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