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George Clooney Seen in Italy Riding a Land Rover

George Clooney was seen in Italy in a Land Rover Freelander. Not bad for a time away from home.

George Clooney in a Land Rover Freelander

Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie Smile in Their Land Rover

The newlyweds flash their pearly whites for the paps as they drove past them in their Land Rover. These two have everything ti be happy and smile about: loads of money, fame, success and love. It's almost like a fairy tale, but let's not end with this. In Hollywood, divorces are as rampant as cosmetic surgeries, but looks like they're happy as hell!  Attention WHORES!

Hilary Duff & Mike Comrie Smile for the Paps in their Land Rover

Kim Swaps The Bentley Out With The Rover and Continues Shopping

When you are Kim Kardashian and you bang up the front end of your Bentley Continental CT Convertible while shopping you don't stop shopping. You get your other car brought to you and you continue shopping.

Really Kim? We think you have a problem and it's not being a bad driver... well besides that.

Kim K out shopping in her Range

Guess Who Owns This Rover

I'll give you one hint. Before this she had an all-white Rover with Pink accents. See who after the jump!

Guess Who Owns This Range Rover
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Ryan Seacrest Joins the Range Rover Clan

I honestly never pegged Ryan Seacrest as an SUV guy. I really thought of him as the Bentley Flying Spur type or the Aston Martin type of guy.

What should Ryan Seacrest drive?
Ryan Seacrest's Range Rover

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