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Interview: Victoria Beckham Designs Special Edition Range Rover Evoque

Our friend Brett Burk from Vanity Fair recently sat down with Victoria Beckham to talk cars, design, life with David, her very first car and more. Since 2010, Victoria has been a creative design executive for Land Rover. Just recently, her Special Edition Range Rover Evoque with Victoria Beckham was finally unveiled. Each car will come with a matte-gray finish with glossy black accents and baseball-stitched leather interior.

This is definitely one Evoque we could get used to! The car even comes with a four-piece black-leather luggage set. Victoria definitely has style.

Victoria Beckham Range Rover Evoque

Here’s a glimpse at the Q&A between Brett and Victoria:

Brett Berk: Why is the Range Rover Evoque the right choice for a Victoria Beckham special edition?
Victoria Beckham: I’ve driven a Range Rover for as long as I can remember, and I have a lot of respect for Range Rover as a brand and for their heritage. So I think it feels very natural. I think that people will look at the car, and they’ll obviously see Range Rover, but they’ll also see me. It looks like me. I joked the other day—I had a matte-black crocodile structured handbag with me, and I looked at the bag and I looked at the car, and I said, “The car looks like a bag on wheels.” It’s very me. It’s very, very me.

Tell me about the rose-gold accents on the car. What inspired you to use that material? 
I love rose gold. Where it initially came from was that my husband bought me a rose-gold men’s Rolex for my birthday, and at the same time, I’d used rose gold with some of my accessories for a collection, and I just thought, Hey, let’s just put a little rose-gold element behind the car. And I was adamant—I didn’t want this car to be seen as super-girly. I wanted it to be a car that I want to drive, and I wanted it to be a car that David wants to drive as well. Everything that I do has quite a masculine feel about it. Though the clothes I design are very feminine, they also have a very strong masculine feel about them. I’m feminine, but I wouldn’t say that I’m girly in any way at all.

One of the ways that we can chart the various stages in a person’s life is through their cars. So tell me about your cars. What was your first car? 
My first-ever car, my parents bought me a red Fiat Uno. I was 17 and just so happy to have a car, so I was very fortunate that my parents were in a position to get me one—it was a secondhand car, but I was just so happy to have it. And my mum, to make it extra special for me, sprayed the hubcaps red.

Matching accessories. 
Absolutely. And definitely an . . . acquired taste.

Click here to continue reading the whole interview.
Thanks to Brett for sharing!

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Billie Piper Land Rover

Billie Piper Land Rover Discovery 4


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