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Spotted: John Mayer Driving His Defender

John Mayer was spotted behind the wheel of his Land Rover Defender outside a restaurant in Los Angeles this past weekend. The last time we saw Mayer in his Defender was back in 2008 so we're happy to know it's still in his garage. The Defender is definitely something to hang onto.

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Video: Ellen Surprises Portia With Her Favorite Car

So the story goes like this: Portia's always wanted an old Land Rover Defender. Whenever she and Ellen are out and they see one Portia can't stop talking about it. So what do you do when you're Ellen and you're looking for the perfect Christmas gift for Portia? You find one, ship it to L.A. and then set it up in a shopping center parking lot with a bow on it to surprise her. While they were walking to the shopping center, Ellen started filming Portia so she could catch her reaction -- check it out below.

Last Weeks Guess Who – Reese Witherspoon

Last weeks 'Guess Who' was Reese Witherspoon getting into her Land Rover LR4 and showing a little more than she planned on!

Reese Witherspoon Land Rover LR4 Reese Witherspoon Land Rover

Photo Source: Daily Mail

Guess Who

Can you guess what celebrity was caught showing off a little more than she probably wanted to while getting into her Land Rover LR4 recently?

Guess Who

Land Rover Pays Daniel Craig $1 Million For Quick Apperance at the 2013 New York Auto Show

Daniel Craig Range Rover

Mr. James Bond aka Daniel Craig was recently seen hanging out in New York City for his collaboration with Land Rover. Craig was in town to assist Land Rover for the live debut of the all-new 2014 Range Rover Sport at the 2013 New York Auto Show.

Apparently, reports now suggest that the superstar earned a handsome $1 million for his appearance at the show which lasted literally 007 seconds.

According to sources that spoke with the New York Post, Land Rover dished-out $1 million to Craig for driving the new 2014 Range Rover Sport onto the stage. As you can see in the video, Craig steps out of the new Rover Sport waves to the crowd, gives a quick smile, and disappears right away.

"He didn’t even give a speech!" said one disgruntled guest.

Land Rover had a very safe comment on Craig's quick appearance and disappearance

"We won’t comment on our relationship with Mr. Craig beyond confirming that Land Rover supports the charity S.A.F.E., of which the actor is a patron, and will continue its charitable efforts with a vehicle donation later this year," a Land Rover rep said.

Whatever the case may be, we'd love to figure out a way to get paid $1 million just for driving a car onto a stage. Wouldn't you?

Photo Credit: Net Car Show

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