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Kevin Hart Thinks He’s Fancy

Kevin Hart posted a photo to his Facebook page of himself standing next to a Chevy Suburban and a private jet. His caption read, “I’m small but I do BIG SHIT “Pause” wheels up bitttccchheess “work hard so you can play harder” #BOSS”. He might “do big shit” but he’s not balling as hard as P.Diddy when it comes to his rides and his private planes that’s for sure!

Kevin Hart Chevy Suburban

(photo: facebook)

Shout out to zico for the tip!

Kevin Hart Shows Off His G63

Kevin Hart picked up a new Mercedes G63 not too long ago and he shared this photo on his Instagram a few days ago. Nice addition to his SLS. Obviously the G-Wagon is tall but just how short is Hart?!?

kevin hart G63

Kevin Hart Gets Flashy: Shows Off His New Mercedes SLS

Who knew Kevin Hart was such a baller! Hart was spotted leaving Pink Taco in a new Mercedes-Benz SLS recently and his friend Jamie Foxx was there too. Unfortunately there were no photos of what Jamie was driving but we’re guessing it was nice too.

If Kevin Hart’s rolling in a new SLS we’re betting he’s got some other nice rides too!

Kevin Hart Mercedes SLS

Kevin Hart Mercedes Benz SLS

Shout out to Alex for the photo tip!