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Tom Cruise, Suri Cruise And Katie Holmes Take A Tour

Tom, Suri, and Katie were spotted unloading from a car at the Vancouver Science Museum in Vancouver, BC a couple days ago. You can’t actually see Katie in this photo but believe it or not she was actually smiling! Question is, can you tell what kind of car they were riding in just by the passenger door?

Tom Cruise Suri Cruise Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes: Leggy In A Benz

We know you’ve seen Katie and her Mercedes-Benz convertible but we just can’t help posting this photo of her coming out of the car. She SHOULD always be seen like this!

Katie Holmes-MercedesBenz CLK

A Clear View of Katie Holmes’ Mercedes-Benz CLK

We haven’t seen a photo of Katie Holmes actually driving her Mercedes-Benz CLK on the move, so here’s something for her fans and for Benz fans out there. The car ain’t bad at all!

Katie Holme’s Sweet Car

Here’s a better look at Katie Holme’s Mercedes-Benz CLK outside a mall in L.A. where she asked for a police escort. Looks like her usual warm disposition towards paps are fading away! With that fly celebrity car, she should be used to all of this attention!
Katie Holme's Mercedes-Benz CLK

Katie Holmes’ Mercedes-Benz CLK

Here’s Katie Holmes  securing her Mercedes Benz CLK outside Smashbox studios in California.

Katie Holmes Mercedes-Benz CLK