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Ciara: Sweet Girl With A Bad Ass Ride

Ciara might need a step stool to get into her jeep but we still wouldn't mess with her in this thing. Her jeep is one bad ass looking ride and we love the fact that she's not just rollin in a Range Rover like so many other celebs.

Ciara Jeep Wrangler

Lindsay Lohan Goes Into Off-Road Mode In A Jeep

Move out the way! Lindsay Lohan's back on the streets and was spotted smoking a cigarette while driving a Jeep Wrangler down the back alley to her Venice house recently.

Lindsay Lohan Jeep Wrangler












Lindsay Lohan Jeep Wrangler











Source: X17 Online

Spotted: Scottie Pippen In A Jeep Wrangler

One of our readers snapped this shot of what looks to be Scottie Pippen in a murdered out Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited. The license plate was Chicago Bulls with the number 33. We weren't there but we'll take his word for it! Has anyone else ever spotted Scottie on the streets before?

Scottie Pippen Jeep Wrangler

Scottie Pippen License Plate

Tyrese Gibson’s Stylish Lineup

Tyrese Gibson definitely has style and from the looks of this photo his Maserati and Jeep Wrangler do too. After being in two hit movies this year maybe he'll up his car game even more.

Tyrese Gibson Jeep Wrangler Maserati

Reese Witherspoon Heads To Church In A Jeep

We have to say we don't know a whole lot about Reese Witherspoon's new husband Jim Toth but we're paying more attention now after spotting the two of them in this blacked out Jeep Wrangler. We like your style Jim!

Reese Witherspoon Jim Toth Jeep Wrangler

Jim Toth Jeep Wrangler


Source: X17 Online

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