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Spotted: Jay Leno Cruising in his Steam Car

What does Jay Leno do with his spare time now? He cruises around in his Steam car. Jay was spotted driving his early 1900's White Steam car around the streets of Los Angeles earlier this week.

Photo Source (Zimbio)

Jay Leno’s McLaren P1 on Jay Leno’s Garage

The latest episode of Jay Leno's Garage just came out and is featuring his all new McLaren P1. See the whole video here!

Jay Talking about his Mclaren P1

Jay Leno Shows Off His New McLaren P1

Jay Leno turned some heads this weekend when he showed up to Supercar Sunday in his new McLaren P1. Leno took delivery of his P1 (the first on this side of the pond) just a couple weeks back and it's nice to see that he's already getting some time behind the wheel. Retirement never looked to good.

Jay Leno McLaren P1

Source (Instagram)

What Do You Think Jay Leno Will Have To Say About The Stingray

It's not uncommon for Jay Leno to drive absolutely every single car before many others do but getting to take a test drive with Ed Welburn, GM Vice President of Global Design is a bit of a treat. Jay got to take out the Stingray Convertible while out at Pebble Beach this past weekend. We imagine we'll get to see it on Jay Leno's Garage soon enough.

So which will Jay put in his garage, Coupe or Convertible?

Jay Leno Corvette
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It’s Sunday at Pebble Beach, What’s Jay Up To

I can only imagine that Jay is out making offers on cars he'd like to have in his collection!

Jay Leno at Pebble Beach

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