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Jordan Hill’s Jaguar

Jordan Hill Jaguar

For a NBA athlete and especially for a Laker I would say that Jordan Hill is keeping it low key in his Jaguar XF.

David Beckham Rides Shotgun In A Jaguar

David Beckham was spotted visiting a school in England recently and jumping into the passenger seat of a black Jaguar XF.

David Beckham Jaguar

David Beckham Jaguar XF


Kristin Davis Runs Around In Her Jaguar

Kristin Davis was busy chatting on her cell phone as she stepped out of her black Jaguar XF recently.

Kristin Davis Jaguar
















Kristin Davis Jaguar XF

The Madden Brothers Hanging out with their S500

The tattooed punk rock siblings were seen chatting outside a Hollywood gym after working out. If you ask me, they still look sleek with that Mercedes Benz s500 even after bathing in sweat. Benji Madden also drives an Audi r8, a Jaguar XF and a classic 50’s Ford Shoebox among many others. With their bad boy looks and classy cars, it’s no wonder heiresses, Hollywood starlets and trust fund babies go head over heels over these two.

madden brothers Mercedes Benz s500
Source: X17online

Pamela Andersons Jaguar XK

Well here we have a very happy looking Pamela Anderson climbing from a Jaguar XK. Check out the white interior, I wonder how she keeps it remotely clean!

Pamela Andersons Jaguar XK