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Spotted: Hilary Duff Driving a C-Class

What's Hilary Duff doing driving herself around in a Mercedes-Benz C-Class? When you own a couple G-Wagons, a new Porsche Carrera S and a Porsche Panamera (just to name a few), a C-Class doesn't really seem like a car she'd buy. Maybe her G-Wagon's in the shop...

Source (Zimbio)

Hilary Duff Adds Another G-Wagon To Her Collection

Hilary Duff's been a G-Wagon fan for a while now. Her husband Mike Comrie was spotted with a black G-Wagon a few years back and since then the couple's also had their silver G55. Hilary was most recently spotted with a new black Mercedes G63. Once a G-Wagon owner, always a G-Wagon owner.

Source (Zimbio)

Hilary Duff Takes Her New Porsche For A Spin

Big props to Hilary Duff for picking up a new Porsche 991 Carrera S. Hilary was spotted stepping out of her new Porsche while running errands in Hollywood yesterday. Her and her husband, Mike Comrie have pretty sweet taste when it comes to their cars, including their Porsche Panamera, Mercedes G55, Aston Martin DBS, and now this new Porsche 991.

Hilary Duff Porsche

(Photo: Zimbio)

Hilary Duff And Mike Comrie Load Up Their Panamera

Hilary Duff and her husband Mike Comrie were spotted loading up the backseat of their new Porsche Panamera while shopping in Los Angeles earlier this week. Just another ride to add to their sweet lineup! Unfortunately it has tan interior...are you a fan of the tan interior or not?

Hilary Duff Porsche Panamera

Mike Comrie Porsche Panamera

Hilary Duff Runs Errands In A Panamera

Hilary Duff left her go-to G-Wagon at home recently and instead was spotted getting out of a white Porsche Panamera in Hollywood. If only we could all have options like this!

Hilary Duff Porsche Panamera

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