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Travis Barker’s New GMC 2500 Denali Truck

Travis Barker's latest addition is on display at SEMA this week and Barker himself showed up to the DUB garage booth to check it out. The new customized 2015 GMC D2500 Denali will definitely look sick sitting next to his murdered out Rolls Royce Wraith and "darth vadar" Cadillac Escalade ESV!

Travis Barker Truck

Photo (@dubmagazine)

Josh Duhamel Unloads His GMC Sierra

There are a few reasons Josh Duhamel isn't your average celebrity and this photo proves it. One, you wont find many celebrities driving a truck around town, two, you wont find many celebrities going to the dump and three, you wont find many celebrities actually doing their own yard work. Josh on the other hand was recently spotted unloading the back of his GMC Sierra Denali at a dump in Los Angeles. His wife Fergi on the other hand was no where in sight...

Josh Duhamel GMC Denali

Josh Duhamel Keeps It Real In His GMC

Josh Duhamel could really be driving just about anything he wants but he still chooses to stick with his GMC Sierra. Would you rather see Josh driving something nice or is it nice to see a celebrity keeping it real?

Josh Duhamel GMC

Heidi Klum Goes NYC Chic With An SUV

Heidi Klum and her whole clan have made the trip to NYC as Heidi films for the new season of "Project Runway". Here, Heidi was spotted packing up the back of a black GMC Yukon.

Heidi Klum GMC Yukon
















Source: X17 Online

Bob Sanders Customized Yukon Denali Up For Grabs

This customized GMC Yukon Denali was previously owned by football safety Bob Sanders and was featured on the TV show "Unique Whips". According to the listing, over $40k was invested into customizing the SUV but we probably wont be bidding anytime soon. Would you drop the cash for this Denali? Check out the full eBay auction and more photos here.

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Bob Sanders GMC Yukon Denali

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