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Happy Birthday Ellen DeGeneres!!

Since we know Ellen loves Porsche’s just as much as we do we wanted to give her something extra special today…

We tried to get it for you Ellen but we were told it wasn’t exactly in the budget. We’ll start saving for next year. 🙂

Happy Birthday Ellen!!

Porsche Panamara

Porsche Panamara

Ellen DeGeneres is Artsy in her Porsche

Ellen visited an art gallery in Hollywood with her wife Portia de Rossi and was about to get back in  their Porsche 911 when this photo was taken. Aside from great jokes, a high-rating show and the loyalty of every housewife in America, looks like the queen of daytime talk has a lot of class bagged up her sleeve.

Ellen DeGeneres is Artsy in her Porsche

Ellen and Portia Rides a Porsche 911

TV host Ellen DeGeneres and her wife Portia (who recently took Ellen’s last name) had a date last weekend and rode in their swanky Porsche 911. These two have class and sophistication all rounded up in their tiny little fingers—maybe because of too much estrogen?

Ellen and Portia Ride a Porsche 911

Which Porsche Would You Take?

Lets say things were a little different and these two ladies liked men, which Porsche would you take?

Ellen DeGeneres Porsche

Source: X17