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Ellen Degeneres: Day in the Porsche with Bob Harper

Ellen Degeneres was spotted hanging out with her friend, celebrity trainer, Bob Harper. Both Ellen and Bob have a thing for cars and you can see Ellen was in her black Porsche Turbo S but no sign of what Bob was driving. He recently got rid of his G-Wagon but no word on what he’s driving now. Anyone spotted him?

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Video: Ellen Surprises Portia With Her Favorite Car

So the story goes like this: Portia’s always wanted an old Land Rover Defender. Whenever she and Ellen are out and they see one Portia can’t stop talking about it. So what do you do when you’re Ellen and you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift for Portia? You find one, ship it to L.A. and then set it up in a shopping center parking lot with a bow on it to surprise her. While they were walking to the shopping center, Ellen started filming Portia so she could catch her reaction — check it out below.

Ellen Spends A Rainy L.A. Day In Her Porsche Turbo

Ellen Degeneres was spotted stepping into her black Porsche Turbo S at a restaurant in L.A. recently. Check out a monologue from one of her latest shows where she talks about how she likes driving, driving fast, and how she can’t stand all the other drivers on the roads. No wonder she loves her Turbo S. We like your style, Ellen!

Ellen Degeneres Porsche

Ellen’s Day Off In The Porsche

Aaaahh a day in the life of Ellen Degeneres. Ellen was spotted walking back to her Porsche in Beverly Hills and enjoying a little more time off before heading back to work for the tenth season of her show. We’ve never spotted her in this Porsche before. What do you think it is? Looks like it has mono-lug wheels.

Ellen Degeneres Porsche

Justin Bieber Gets A Fisker Karma For His Birthday

Justin Bieber celebrated his 18th birthday yesterday by stopping by the Ellen DeGeneres show. Little did he know, his manager was there to surprise him with a brand new black Fisker Karma. Of course, Ellen had a few extras for the car.

Justin Biebers Fisker Karma

Check out the video below.