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Elle Macpherson Gets Leggy In Her Jaguar

With legs as long as Elle Macpherson’s you’d have to have an XJL. A retro looking Elle was recently spotted doing her daily school drop off in her extra long Jaguar. What do you think of Elle’s XJL?

Elle Macpherson Jaguar XJL

Elle Macpherson Does A School Drop Off In Her Jaguar

Supermodel Elle Macpherson was spotted dropping her son off at school in her Jaguar XJ L.

Elle MacPherson Jaguar XJ

I guess when your moms a supermodel and drops you off in a Jaguar XJ L it’s not quite as embarrassing to get the “have a good day” kiss in front of all your classmates.

Elle Macpherson Jaguar XJ

Elle Macpherson Travels Down Under In An Audi

Supermodel Elle Macpherson and her son were spotted getting out of an Audi Q7 before boarding a friends yacht in the Sydney Harbor in Sydney Australia.

Elle Macpherson Audi Q7

Elle Macpherson Matches Her Jaguar

Elle Macpherson is a well know model, actress, businesswoman and now the owner of a Jaguar XJ. There’s just no way around it, she’s hot and so is the car.

Together it’s a match made in heaven. Would you agree? Elle MacPherson Jaguar XJ

Elle MacPherson – We Don’t Know What You’re Doing

I’ve got zero ideas about what Elle MacPherson is doing in this photo but man it’s hot. Now about that car. I think we need to do something there. Is that a Toyora or G37?

Elle MacPherson's Toyota or G37?